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Casual Bergamo - Shades of winter with Blanc de Blancs Ruinart

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Two tasting menus 10 courses tasting menu
1 bottle of Blanc de blans Ruinart included

Amuse bouche
Winter times tubers and roots
Muscat pumpkin, sea buckthorn and lobster soup
Roasted scallops, cocoa beans and lichens
Marinated fallow deer, rose and roses
Risotto with salted cod milk, couliflower and licorice
Mutton ravioli, locale scarole and caviar
Artichocke’s “Cren Caramel”
Spicy monk-fish, kiwi and brassicacees
Val d’Itria’s black pig and lemons
Orobica goat milk yoghurt and worldwide citrus

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