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Casual Bergamo - Spring Metamorphosis

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10 courses tasting menu
Beverages excluded

Amuse bouche
Hill's herbs and flowers served with green tomato ceviche
Sardegna purple prawn, medlar water and elderflower caramel
Pink artichokes, horseradish, caviar and tarragon
Calf sweetbreads with mountain pine, pollen and citrus brine
Risi, bisi and marinated canestrelli
Nettles pappardelle pasta, pistachio, gentian eggnog and snails ragù
Bassano white asparagus, morels and watercress sauce
Monk-fish, fava beans and balsamic herbs
Grilled giant sheep, eel dashi and lovage
Strawberriers, rose hip water and caramelized rhubarb

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